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Create and change habits to lose weight

Do you want to lose excess body fat without dieting?
Or maybe you just want to control your weight and eating?
You can do this by changing your habits.
The HabEats plates help you do this easier and faster.


We believe that simplicity is the key. However, simple doesn't mean easy. You also need a little patience and discipline to implement new habits. You can do it!


You will focus on how you eat. It is extremely important. No diet. Unless you want to, we will tell you how you can adjust the diet to yourself and not yourself to the diet.



Habit - a word so often used and just as often confused. You will learn what a habit really is and how to use habits to control your eating and lose weight.


4 key areas

Use a plate and improve in 4 key areas of eating.

EAT SLOWLY - this habit will make you eat slower and more consciously, and only as much as you need to be full; thanks to this you will also get rid of many stomach ailments

PLAN - you will start planning; only your breakfasts to start with; thanks to this, you will choose a better meal than a random one

TIMING - implementing this habit will help you regulate the issue of timing; you will no longer eat before bed or go to bed with your belly full

FOCUS - you will finally start to focus on eating instead of other things, and thus eat only as much as you need


Use 4 powerful habits

HabEats details and function on plate with logo

3 major sections

Each dinner plate is divided into 3 sections: KNOWLEDGE, QUESTIONS and HABIT to help you implement healthy habits at the best possible time - before, during and after eating. Both adults and teens can use these very powerful tools.

  • KNOWLEDGE - explains and allows you to accept the change on an intellectual level
  • QUESTIONS - by asking yourself a question you will change the object of concentration
  • HABIT - here you'll find a habit in the form that will change your approach to eating

It's great. I've developed good habits. Plates make it easy, because they remind me of it when I eat at home.

Jacky Harris

My problem was eating too fast. Fortunately, that's a thing of the past. Now, I eat slower and more consciously.

Marcus Deloit

I have tried to change my diet many times. It helped me to start with small steps, planning breakfast.