Do You Want to Lose Weight? Eat Slowly!

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When was the last time you paid attention to how fast you eat your meal? If you’ve been like me in the past, it’s probably a long time ago. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, keep it at the same level, or just eat better – eating slower will give you amazing results.

Many people try to lose weight because that has a huge impact on health. Being overweight or obese is a deadly threat that can lead you to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many, many other health problems. In fact, there is no organ in the human body that doesn’t suffer from being overweight.

Eating habits help or prevent a good body shape. Are you one of those people who eat dinner during the breaks in the night movie, or is eating a ritual for you that takes you at least half an hour?

No matter how you eat, you’ve probably heard that slowly eating is much healthier – your stomach doesn’t have teeth to chew on a poorly chopped cutlet for you. It has been proven that people who eat more slowly are often thinner than those who are rushing about their meals.

Signal of satiety

Imagine that you could lose weight by eating more slowly. Scientists have long discovered that by introducing the habit of slowly eating (which involves carefully chewing the food) we can lose weight. How does it happend? Our mind takes some time to inform us that we are full. It is related to the satiety center, which is slightly delayed about 20 minutes.

So we get the feeling of fullness only after about 20 minutes after eating a meal. When we eat slowly, we give our body time to inform us that we have eaten before we eat too much. Now think how much extra food you can eat in those 15 minutes before you realize you are full? Too much.

But that’s not the only thing you get from eating slower. By chewing each bite thoroughly, you make the finely chopped pieces reach your stomach, making the digestive process faster and more pleasant for you (no strange sounds from the belly and a feeling of heaviness).

In addition, thanks to peaceful eating, we gain a few moments for ourselves and we can break away from the daily rush for a moment. It is a moment only for us, during which our mind rests and regenerates. It is worth celebrating.

How to control the pace of eating?

It’s easy to say – eat slowly. However, it is much more difficult to do, especially since you are acting based on established habits. But you can change any habit, or rather replace it with one that will give you the desired effect.

When you start your meal, you probably don’t suddenly think: – Okay, now I will eat slower. Unfortunately, this does not happen, I know something about it. And if you do, then maybe a few times, and then you go back to your old habits.

To counter the scenario outlined above, we’ve created HabEats plates for you. You won’t guess what habit will allow you to make one of these plates. Eat slowly – that’s right!


Why does using a plate give you an advantage? Because it’s hard not to pay attention to it when you eat from it. Simple and effective. Be like a researcher, acquire knowledge and test it in practice. Observe yourself and your change.

You have clearly explained on your plate why you should eat slower. This is all for your logical mind to calmly absorb it.


Moreover, the questions that are on the plate will make you start to celebrate your food and thus eat slower.

  • How does it smell?
  • What does this meal taste like?

You will find the above questions on the ‘Eat slowly’ plate. When you ask yourself, you can smell your food. You will really feel its taste. This will make you enjoy your food instead of just gobbling it up – and therefore eat more slowly.


If you want to enjoy the great results of slow eating, make it a habit. For this, there is a section called “Habit” on the plate.

When I put food in my mouth, I chew each bite slowly and thoroughly

The above habit was written in the form of an implementation intention. What it is? Wikipedia says: is a self-regulatory strategy in the form of an “if-then plan” that can lead to better goal attainment, as well as help in habit and behavior modification [Wikipedia].

For you, it actually works and is amazing for changing habits. As long as it is repeated until it becomes a habit. But don’t worry, the ‘Eat slowly’ plate will remind you of this constantly.

Your turn

In summary, by eating slower, you eat less. By spending more time enjoying a meal and developing a complete awareness of the food you eat, you can reduce the amount of calories consumed. There is one more important aspect – respect for food.

In the era of prosperity and full store shelves, we stopped respecting our food. Please pay attention to what you are feeding your body. On the next occasion, enjoy every bite, try to smell as many flavors and spices as possible, smell the food before it hits your mouth. I know there is not always time for this. We cannot eat every meal in peace. But for those who want nothing difficult.

If you want to lose weight and start controlling food portions – consider to buy the plates we have prepared for you. This is a new project that we hope will help improve your and other people’s lives and health.

We are because you are 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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