How to Use HabEats Plates?

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A plate – a very down-to-earth thing might seem. We use it many times a day, often without paying too much attention to it. However, the plate doesn’t have to be “ordinary” and in addition to serving you food, it can also help build good habits, better health, body shape and self-discipline. This is why the HabEats dinner plates were created. Find out how to use them.

  • The way we eat is based on habits, and habits can be changed
  • How HabEats plates will make you change your habits for the better?
  • Changing the environment and an additional tool make things easier
  • See how you can use plates

Eating – important activity or not?

We simply put food on an ordinary plate and start consuming it. The whole process is usually done on a habitual basis, as we have been repeating it for years. But have you ever wondered what the way you eat affects you?

Now, the act of eating itself is very important for many reasons. The way we eat has an impact on our health, well-being and figure.

We sometimes eat in a hurry, without attention, and throw anything on the plate. Eating is often accompanied by a television, smartphone or other media. I admit, I still sometimes catch on that, but that’s fortunately only individual cases.

Often about what and when we eat it depends on the case. Any meal eaten just before bedtime will affect our sleep and the energy level of the next day.

These are just a few reasons why HabEats plates were created. They are supposed to help everyone build good habits to just eat better, feel better and look better. Each plate contains knowledge, questions and a habit. By implementing habits, you will take the way you eat to a new level, and this will entail positive changes.

Knowledge, Questions, Habit

Eating habits are very difficult to change. Each of us acts as a habit in repetitive activities, and these habits have been established over the years. Hence, only the decision to change something is not enough. Although we remember about it during the day, when we sit down to a meal, previously established patterns turn on.

However, with the HabEats plate in front of us, we quickly remember what, when and how we should do. With each use of the HabEats plate, and most of all with the repetition of the activity listed in the habit section, you begin to consolidate it more and more until it makes a habit.

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The knowledge that is on the plates will help you implement the habits. In a short and concise way, knowledge explains on an intellectual level why what you do is important. If you are interested in a broader explanation of these issues, we’ll have one for you soon. At the moment, what is on the plates is really enough.

Questions are another key element of the plate. They are designed to direct your attention to key issues that help build a habit and to eat better. In internal dialogue, we ask ourselves questions all the time and answer them. If the questions can be in your favor, it’s worth using them.

The last of the three main sections is habit. The form in which the habit was written is not accidental, it is based on many studies. Over time, we’ll prepare a detailed instruction for you, so that you can use it to create other effective habits for yourself. Let me just suggest that it is very closely related to the implementation intention, but has been developed a bit more.

Additional benefits

The content on the plates is not everything. One of the simplest things you can do to change your habits is to change your environment, which is also confirmed by research. Using the HabEats plates instead of the regular plates introduces such a small but subtle change to your advantage.

Moreover, if you reply to the e-mail in the box after purchase, you will receive a habit tracking tool. By using the HabEats Tracker you’ll increase your chances of success many times over.

Example of use

You now know more or less what is on the plates and why you should use them. You already know what additional tools will help you make a positive change. But how and when to use the plates?

The set includes 4 plates. Each plate is a different habit to implement. Based on research, you will implement a habit sooner, the more you repeat it. So you can use one plate first, until you feel the habit has become part of you.

However, if you use a dinner plate several times a day, you can use a different plate each time and implement a different habit. Note that each habit relates to a different activity during, before or after eating, so you can adjust to yourself when it is best to implement the habit.

You can read what’s on your plate before putting food on it. However, if you have already been served a full plate, nothing is lost. You just eat your meal exploring the contents of the plate one by one and then implementing the habits.

If you don’t get it right at first, you’re fine. It may take some time for you to take full advantage of your new habits. Be understanding with yourself. When you notice “I failed again” thoughts, remind yourself that you can always start over.

We are rooting for you!

If you purchased HabEats plates on Amazon, please contact us and you’ll receive a free habit monitoring tool – HabEats Tracker. This amazing and simple tool will allow you to progress much faster.